Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you can all find something to be especially thankful for today whether it be family, friends, or something good that has happened in your life recently. Please enjoy these funny memes that I have found to celebrate today.

From all of us at the Law Office of Marcie Baker, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday season!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Fun Facts About Lawyers!

    Hi all! Our world continues to be full of hate and negativity, so I wanted to lighten things up with some fun facts about lawyers. Some you may know, and others may be new information to you. Hope you all enjoy it!

1.) There is a difference between a lawyer and an attorney. It can be confusing, but, all attorneys are lawyers, yet not all lawyers are attorneys. An attorney is a lawyer who has passed the bar exam and can practice in court. A lawyer on the other hand is someone who has learned and trained in the law, but does not necessarily practice in court, nor has passed a bar exam. When I graduate in May I will be a lawyer and when I take and pass the July 2023 bar exam I will be an attorney.

2.) The first law school can be traced back to 450 BC. Located in modern-day Beirut, Lebanon, this school focused on Roman law. The school specialized in perfecting law and rhetoric practice and was supported by Roman emperors.

3.) The first female attorney in the United States is from 1869. Arabella Mansfield not only took the Iowa Bar, but she had some of the top scores. It was actually illegal for her to take the bar because at the time the legal profession was reserved specifically for men, but after she sued the state she was able to sit for the Bar Exam and become the first female attorney.

4.) Just like we have National Siblings Day, National Margarita Day, and Grandparents Day, we also have Law Day! In 1958, President Dwight Eisenhower declared May 1st as Law Day to commemorate and celebrate the rule of law.

5.) How many lawyers are there in the United States? As of October 2022, There are currently 1.33 million lawyers in the United States. That means that there is roughly one lawyer for every 240 people in this country based on the current population.

6.) There are actually many famous celebrities who have attended law school. Some notable names are Jerry Springer, John Cleese, Gerald Butler, and Geraldo Rivera.

7.) The reason people hate lawyers isn’t what you think. A study was conducted and found some of the reasons people don’t like lawyers are:

- People find them intimidating

- They have their own language that is very confusing

- They seem smarter than everyone else

Attorney Marcie L. Baker strives to offer a relaxing atmosphere and works to demystify the legal process.

Again, I hope this week’s lighter side of the blog was enjoyable. Remember to find something positive in every day even though the world around us can be so negative and chaotic. Have a great rest of your week!


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Dealing with Legal Issues During the Holidays

Hi all! The holidays are officially upon us. While this time of the year can bring lots of joy, happiness, and excitement for many, the holidays can also be very stressful for you and your family. Today I want to dig a little deeper into how to deal with any legal issues that may arise, or that you may already be dealing with, during the holiday season.

1.) Dealing with a Holiday Parenting Plan. Maybe you already have the holidays worked into your regular parenting plan. Regardless, here are some tips to stick to that agreed-upon plan when the holiday season rolls around.

- Identify the specific holidays that are important to you and your family.

- Be specific about the times that define the holiday.

- Consider whether or not the holiday may or will involve travel. It is important to build this into your holiday plan even if you do not plan to travel every year.

2.) Dealing with an Ongoing Divorce. It can be hard to put on a brave face at any time during a divorce. However, it can be even harder when the holidays roll around and you want to keep as much stress and negativity away from the holiday season as possible. This is why, especially during the holidays, it is important to have a good support system, take care of yourself, and make sure that however the divorce is proceeding is in a way that is most beneficial to your family and your situation.

3.) Dealing with filing Bankruptcy. If you have already filed for bankruptcy before the holidays or will be preparing to do so over the holidays it is important that you make a plan to spend your money wisely during this time. There are often holiday-related expenses whether it be travel, gifts, or decorating and it is important that you make wise choices with your spending during this time. This does not mean that you cannot give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones, but you should be aware of how much you think you will spend so that you can budget accordingly.

4.) Dealing with a Workers’ Comp. claim over the holidays. With the stress of the holidays, you may forget some of the essential steps that you need to carry out to report and deal with your workers’ comp claim. So, I have listed some of the important ones below:

- You must report the incident to your employer within 30 days of the incident. We recommend you notify your employer as soon as possible.

- Then, your employer has 7 days to report the injury to the workers’ compensation carrier and your claim goes from there.

- To successfully prevail in any workers’ compensation claim, you must be able to prove the injury occurred.

- Evidence that can help build a strong claim includes medical records, witness testimony, and photos or video.

I hope you all found this blog to be helpful, especially as we head into what I am sure is going to be another busy, and likely stressful holiday season. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office.

***The thoughts and information contained in this blog do not constitute any form of legal advice. If you or someone that you know is dealing with a legal issue please contact our office to set up a consultation with Marcie Baker.


Thursday, November 3, 2022

When is the Best Time to Declare Bankruptcy?

Hi all! Happy November! Hopefully, everyone had a good Halloween and got lots of candy and goodies. Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be here before we know it. Today I want to keep demystifying bankruptcy and help you all to better understand what is involved with declaring bankruptcy.

So, when is the best time to declare bankruptcy? Unfortunately, there is not one clear answer. Ultimately, it depends on your specific circumstance and what is going to be best for you and your family. However, I will share some tips and tricks for you to figure out “when” filing is the best for you.

1.) When you decide to file, you may realize that you want to delay doing so for a number of reasons. For example, you may still be taking on new debt, have experienced a significant change in income, or have recent financial activities that may negatively impact your case. It is important to evaluate all of these factors before deciding to file.

2.) Because Marcie deals in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, I want to further address the change in income point. As I have said in previous posts, to be eligible for Ch. 7 bankruptcy you have to pass the means test. This is a test that, “looks at your average income over the last six months. If your income is too high and you don’t pass the means test, you may not qualify for Chapter 7.” This is why it may be a good idea to wait to file if you are about to experience a significant income change.

3.) Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers many who file a fresh start or a “clean slate.” But, it is important to note that the record of your bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years. That is why it is important to evaluate all current factors in your and your family’s lives because making the choice to file will stay with you for a significant period of time.

4.) Another reason to potentially delay is that you foresee more debts coming your way in the future. Under federal law, there are strict deadlines and waiting periods when it comes to how long you have to wait between filing multiple bankruptcies. If you file Ch. 7, then you must wait eight years before receiving another Chapter 7 discharge. This is just important to be aware of because the law does not allow for any exceptions to this waiting period and you need to make sure when you are filing really is the best time for you and your situation.

5.) Finally, here are some important questions to ask before deciding to file for bankruptcy.

Am I unsure how much I owe?

Will bankruptcy actually resolve my debts?

Do I get frequent calls from bill collectors?

Evaluating these questions and others will help you put your situation into perspective and decide if now is the best time for you to file.

Hopefully, this helped you all better understand the best time for filing bankruptcy and what that can mean for you. As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are happy to help!

**Nothing contained in this blog constitutes legal advice of any form. The information and facts included are not a substitute for speaking with an attorney and obtaining legal advice. Please reach out to our office if you have any questions.


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