Thursday, August 25, 2022


Happy Thursday all! This week I started my 3rd, and final, year of law school! In honor of my final year, and everyone else who has gone back to school this month I decided to share some funny back to school jokes with you all.

1.) Luke: Why did the M&M go to school? Stan: I’m stumped. Luke: Because he really wanted to be a Smartie!

2.) Jacob: Why was the teacher wearing sunglasses to school? Leonard: Why? Jacob: She had bright students!

3.) Teacher: If you had 13 apples, 12 grapes, 3 pineapples and 3 strawberries, what would you have? Billy: A delicious fruit salad.

4.) What kind of school do you go to if you’re… …an ice cream man? Sundae school. …a giant? High school. …a surfer? Boarding school. …King Arthur? Knight school.

5.) Teacher: Why can’t you work in an orange juice factory? Student: I don’t know. Why? Teacher: Because you can’t concentrate!

6.) Q. Why did the boy eat his math homework?

A. Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake.

7.) Q. Why did the music teacher need a ladder?

A. To reach the high notes.

8.) Q. What did the pen say to the pencil?

A. What’s your point?

9.) Q. What do librarians take with them when they go fishing?

A. Bookworms

10.) Q. What did the math book say to the history book?

A. Boy, do I have problems.

Hope you enjoyed!


Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Benefits of a Free Consultation

Hi all! Happy Thursday! As you know, The Law Office of Marcie L. Baker offers free consultations. I wanted to dive a little bit deeper into initial consultations this week and why it is beneficial for you to take advantage of free consultations that attorneys offer.

1.) A free consultation is a time for an attorney to see if the client has a case that they want to take on. However, it is also the time to make a good impression on a potential client. When attending a free consultation potential clients should use the opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary to determine if the attorney is the right fit for their case.

Here is an example of some of those questions you may want to ask:

- How long have you practiced law in this area?

- How many cases have you handled similar to mine?

- What type of success have you had in the past with similar cases?

- Will you settle or go to trial?

- Do you think I can win my case?

2.) Because the legal world can be so daunting and stressful it can be hard to know what direction to go with your case, or if you even have a case at all. Taking advantage of a free consultation with an attorney will allow you to be able to visualize a roadmap of your potential case and what can be done to give you the least stress and best result.

3.) The consultation is confidential. Some people do not seek out legal advice or help for fear that whatever they are dealing with may become public knowledge. Rest assured that anything you say during your initial consultation will not be shared without your permission. This allows you to feel at ease and discuss all aspects of your case, even the parts that you may be embarrassed about.

4.) A free legal consultation allows you to discuss the costs involved with moving forward with your legal claim as well as what the attorney will charge for a fee. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions at the initial consultation because it will offer you a better idea of what is expected of you in the representation and also allow you to decide if the costs and fees associated with your legal claim are something you want to move forward with.

5.) And ultimately, it’s free. Let’s face it. Life can be crazy and expensive and when it comes to hiring an attorney that’s often no different. Being able to have a free consultation to talk out your legal claim with someone who will listen and has a better understanding of the incredibly complex legal world can offer you some peace of mind and guidance as to how to proceed with your case.

I hope you all found this post helpful and informative. Marcie Baker always strives to do her best to help her clients and it is important to utilize the benefits of free legal consultations. Contact our office to set yours up today!

***The thoughts, ideas, and opinions in this blog in no way constitute legal advice in any form. Please contact our office or an attorney should you have any questions regarding a legal claim.


Friday, August 12, 2022

Social Media Etiquette

In a world that increasingly relies on technology and social media for day-to-day activities, it can be easy to forget how to behave properly when you have the safety of being hidden behind a computer or phone screen. However, improper or inflammatory use of social media can have ramifications both in your personal life and in the course of any legal claims you may deal with.

Today I wanted to highlight some do’s and don’ts of social media as well as remind you that the internet is forever and it is wise to think twice before posting, commenting, or sharing.

1.) Don’t mix business and pleasure. It is never a good idea to maintain a personal account that also doubles as an account you use at your workplace. It can create a negative image, or, worse, you could post something that could turn people away from your business given how they see you conduct your personal life. For example, I maintain all of Marcie’s social media. However, I am sure to share work-related information on a separate Facebook, Instagram, and blog, and I leave my own daily activities or updates on my personal pages.

2.) Don’t Be Reactive. We all love a good Facebook comment war or reading crazy stories of social media feuds. However, don’t be that person. In the heat of the moment, you could say something damaging to yourself or another party. And, if you are involved in a lawsuit, anything inflammatory or against your case that you post can and will be used against you.

3.) Avoid Over-Sharing. Similar to the above advice. You want to think twice before you divulge angry, personal, or wild content to your social media. It can be fun to post life updates or major achievements/events but keep family problems, anger with a coworker, or any other questionable content off of your page. No good can ever come of posting it.

4.) Don’t Drink and Post. Just as drinking alcohol can lower our inhibitions in many other ways, it can also cause you to lose your professional, respectful filter on social media. Avoid posting of any kind while drunk, especially if you are involved in a legal case as again, this could be used against you. This is also just generally good advice as many employers and other professionals do not hesitate to check the social media of people they are going to potentially hire. You don’t want one drunken crazy night to disqualify you from a job offer.

5.) Stay Offline When You’re Angry. Pretty similar to the don’t drink and post. In the heat of the moment in an overwhelming and stressful situation, it can be easy to vent on social media where you will likely get the sympathy of both friends and strangers alike. But again, you may also say something that you do not mean, something harmful to you or another person, or something harmful to your legal case. Avoid social media until you are sure that anything you post will be thoughtfully considered before making it public.

I hope that you found this week’s blog helpful and learned some tips that you can implement in your day-to-day lives. And remember, if you wouldn’t say it in front of your grandmother, you probably should not be posting it on social media.


**The content, thoughts, and opinions in this blog do not constitute legal advice of any form. Contact our office with any specific legal questions you may have.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Reducing Stress During a Lawsuit

Hi all! Life can be stressful. Dealing with family, finances, and this crazy world that we live in can cause anxiety. Throwing a lawsuit into the mix can make things even more stressful. Although there are times when a lawsuit simply cannot be avoided, I want to provide you all with some coping mechanisms and ways to deal with stress during your lawsuit so that you feel less overwhelmed.

Ways to Deal with Stress:

1. Eliminate as much as possible from your schedule. Yes, we all need to work, feed our families, and do some necessary day-to-day activities to survive. However, it can be beneficial to take a good hard look at your calendar in the midst of a lawsuit and eliminate any excess activities or minor obligations so you can focus on the lawsuit and feel less overwhelmed.

2. Keep a detailed record of events and documents. Doing this will help you feel a sense of control and organization despite the uncertainty that a lawsuit can bring. It can also help when your lawyer asks for any important documents or dates – instead of stressing and trying to remember you will already have it prepared and easily accessible.

3. Stay active. You don’t have to go hard for two hours at the gym. But a 20-minute walk can clear your head, boost your energy, and exercise is proven to be a mood booster. Staying active will provide a much-needed, and healthy, distraction.

4. Discuss your fears and concerns with your lawyer. Lawyers are prepared to listen to your fears and genuine concerns. Don’t feel like you are a burden for expressing these concerns – they are here to help! Talking out these fears and concerns instead of internalizing them can also give you a new perspective and calm any nerves you may have had about the unknown.

5. Practice self-care. Find a trusted friend or family member that you can speak with. Take some time off work or a weekend getaway. Get plenty of sleep and stay active. Many of these things are simple, but making them a priority during an extremely stressful part of your life can help you feel more balanced and at ease and will allow you to have a clearer mind when addressing any issues that may arise with your case.

I hope you found this week’s post helpful. Unfortunately, stress in life is unavoidable, but hopefully, these tips and tricks help you keep it in check should a lawsuit arise in your life. And as always contact our office for a free consultation – we are here to help!

**The thoughts, ideas, and opinions expressed in this blog are meant to be informational and in no way constitute any form of legal advice. If you need legal advice or have a question about your case, please contact our office.


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